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Recipes for a Happy Easter Brunch

Recipes for a Happy Easter Brunch

Many families are now opting to celebrate Easter with a festive brunch instead of a full-blown dinner extravaganza. Others enjoy a late morning breakfast in anticipation of a bigger meal later in the day. No matter which category suits your needs, you will want to have wonderful sausage recipes for breakfast on hand.

Want inspiration for the best breakfast sausage recipes available? Check out these favorites from Premio Foods.

Brunch Cups

These savory and filling Premio Brunch Cups will make your family think you worked as hard as the Easter Bunny. Don’t worry, though; they can be created without much fuss. Containing merely six ingredients that you probably already have in your refrigerator, this recipe’s single-serve size is ideal for all appetites.

Huevos al Premio

Looking to add a little spice and flair to your Easter brunch table? Go with Huevos al Premio, or eggs with hot Premio sausage. Not only will you appreciate the way the eggs temper the flavor of the sausage but also you will love having something different for your holiday. Worried that your guests might shy away from the spiciness? You can always switch out the hot sausage for a milder variety.

Recipes For a Happy Easter Brunch

Green Chile and Sausage Quiche

If you picture your Easter meal a bit on the elegant side, this sausage recipe for breakfast or brunch will fit you to a tee. Made with green chile and hot or mild sausage, this particular quiche will look sophisticated. But here is the real truth: you hardly have to spend any time making it. In fact, it is simple. Whip up your crust, add your filling and bake.

Wild Mushroom And Sausage Quiche

Want your Easter brunch to be on the elegant side? This sausage quiche recipe is a rich, authentic meal that will satisfy all the tastes in the family. Pulling this quiche out of the oven, with a bit of browning over the top and the crust just flaking, will have your guests’ mouths watering in no time.

The real benefit is to the chef. This recipe takes very little time to make, requires only a few everyday ingredients and uses only a few dishes so there’s very little mess.

Taste of Italy Breakfast Feast

This sausage-filled breakfast or brunch recipe will definitely satisfy the hungriest guests around your table. Brimming with Premio sausage, eggs, hash browns, cheese and seasonings, the Taste of Italy Breakfast Feast will surely become a classic Easter tradition. Offer a little Tabasco for those who want a splash of heat.

“The Works” Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are some of the more popular types of brunch fare. And why not? They are quick to make, look amazing on any table and taste incredible. Make sure to add burritos to your buffet as an unexpected treat. Many people expect their breakfast burritos to be without added meats and are thrilled when they bite into one that has these tremendous palate-pleasing elements.

Great Morning Brunch Pizza

Who says pizza can’t tag along at Easter? Our Great Morning Brunch Pizza confirms what everyone knows: pizza is great at every single meal! Even picky eaters will find themselves unable to resist a slice.

Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Pie

Pie for Easter brunch? Yes, please! Surprise family and visitors at your celebration with a Premio Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Pie. Combining two of the best-loved breakfast meats on the planet, this pie has a breadcrumb crust that is fast to make. Warning: You may want to make a few of these breakfast pies to have on hand. The slices go quickly when guests discover how amazing it tastes.

Easter Morning Scramble

Not a huge fan of spending all morning in the kitchen? Whip up a brunch scramble filled with eggs, sausage and vegetables. Be sure to swap out or add vegetables if you and your guests have favorites. Great Easter additions or substitutions include bite-sized pieces of asparagus and shaved Brussels sprouts.


Make the most of the leftover eggs the Easter bunny brought. These premium scotch eggs are an absolutely delectable way to celebrate Easter. They are served with a zesty mustard sauce on the side. Though the recipe calls for Premio Sweet Italian Sausage, you can easily substitute with Premio Hot Italian Sausage for an added kick! Sometimes, we wish the Easter bunny would bring these instead.


Looking to put an Italian spin on your Easter brunch? These mini frittatas have you covered. This recipe features crumbled sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, onions and spinach for some color and flavor. Plus, they come in a cute canning jar for an unmatched appearance and easy serving.


Create a healthy breakfast treat for the family with the best Italian chicken sausage out there. Toast and a smear of avocado are a blank canvas for guests to make their own creation. Add tomatoes, red peppers, a fried egg or hot sauce to really make it your own. And if you’re out of appetizer ideas, you can cut the toasts into smaller pieces and top them yourself for easy finger food.


These hand-held sandwiches are everything you want for breakfast wrapped in small portion sizes. They’ll have the whole family wanting more and do not take very long to make. Be sure to serve with ketchup or maple syrup!


Need a recipe you can be absolutely sure the kids will love? French toast is a never-fail option. These rolls blend the rich flavor of sausage with the seductive sweetness of French toast for a kid-friendly breakfast. Make a little extra for the adults too!


Get the health-conscious members of your family asking for seconds with these avocado sausage melts. Coring the avocados makes a perfect basin for the eggs to rest and gives you space for sausage topping. This option is a low-carb, gluten-free way to satisfy the family — even those not on a diet. They take only a few minutes to make in the broiler, so you can make them as needed, hot out of the oven every time.

Add Premio Sausage to Your Easter Feast

Make this Easter brunch memorable, or start a new tradition. With all these recipes, your only question is which tantalizing item to eat first!

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